CNV in Hand Color Capable Night Visions Device

See Color at Night

It’s as simple as that: see the green cleared lane in the middle of the minefield marked by red chemlights; that the van is a white UN van, not the bad guy’s tan one; that it’s not green grass at the edge of the road, but brown mud; that he’s the one wearing the blue shirt; that
bit of red when the IV hits the vein.

The world isn’t all green, why should your night be?

Color from one green tube:

The ColorPath™ CCNVD (Color Capable Night Vision Device) uses one (1) standard, green image intensifier tube (such as MX-10160A or similar) to create a true, full-color image for the user. The system is also mechanical and filter based—not computer in the loop. This means that compared to other color systems, it is real time, unaffected by temperature, light weight, power frugal and low cost



  • general situational awareness
  • terrain assessment
  • reduction in fatigue

cut the red wire
Urgent Combat Casualty Care

  • wound assessment / treatment

Marine Operations

  • search & rescue
  • buoys & navigation lights

it's the yellow van

  • target identification
  • camouflage detection


  • vehicle & personnel i.d. / IFF
  • site assessment

Smoke Markers

  • color smoke can be used at night,
    maintaining light discipline in LZs or extractions

pop orange smoke

  • marking minefields and safe zones

Information Management

  • maps & computer displays

the green lane is cleared

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