Anti-Reflection Devices

How ARDs Work

 if they don’t see you… they don’t shoot you.®

Optic reflections have resulted in the loss of personnel, the failure of missions, botched hunts and missed opportunities. KillFLASH® ARD’s are the original and still the best option for removing mission killing glint.

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Our extensive inventory means we have killFLASH® ARD’s to fit virtually any brand and model of scope or optic.

Protect your optic lens from damage and scratches.

Tenebraex’s proprietary X-Lume coating absorbs light, further reducing the potential for glint or reflections.

Our 2” honeycomb ARD outperforms a 6” sunshade on the objective end. Premium performance, reduced size.

Tenebraex killFLASH® ARD’s were designed for the USA military and millions are in use around the world.